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Constrained Execution Regions in .NET - for reliable code.

Constrained Execution Regions

Sweet! Just stumbled upon the fact that Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown in Chrome lets you switch between tabs! I only previously knew about Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab. Appreciate the little things!

Why Web Components may not be ready for Production yet. Although they landed in Chrome 36, they only have partial support in Firefox, and they are not present in Safari or IE.  A polyfill is a long-term necessity for developers that want to use web components outside of Chrome…

Why Web Components Aren’t Ready for Production… Yet -

Chrome stable 36 brings full support for Web Components!

Chrome 36 Brings Full Support for Web Components

There’s a new addition to JavaScript that’s going to change everything you think you know about data-binding. It’s also going to change how many of your MVC libraries approach observing models for edits and updates. Are you ready for some sweet performance boosts to apps that care about property observation?

Object.observe() is landing in Chrome 36 beta. 

Object.observe(), part of a future ECMAScript standard, is a method for asynchronously observing changes to JavaScript objects…without the need for a separate library. It allows an observer to receive a time-ordered sequence of change records which describe the set of changes which took place to a set of observed objects.

Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe() - HTML5 Rocks

IBM is betting on Apple to carry its analytics and cloud portfolio into the modern era. Apple is betting on IBM to cement the iPad’s status as the new enterprise computing standard.

IBM goes full-bore on an Apple-based enterprise strategy | Technology business - InfoWorld

Microsoft to slash 18,000 jobs - Most of the job losses expected to come from firm’s Nokia unit & kills off the Nokia Android phones

Microsoft kills off its Nokia Android phones

Think I need a meme. ASP .NET MVC 6 - it is looking more and more like Node.js and Express. That is a good thing, but Microsoft is still playing catch up. Maybe something about how when ASP .NET MVC 6 may eventually be hosted on Linux with Mono, then its transformation to the dark side will be complete and it may rival Node.js.

ASP.NET MVC 6 (now with integrated Web API!) (Channel 9)

Video - All about ASP .NET MVC 6 - the unification of ASP .NET MVC, Web API and Web Pages.

ASP.NET MVC 6 (now with integrated Web API!) (Channel 9)

Charts for your front-end Web apps - a comparison of AngularJS directives.

Comparison of AngularJS directives for charts in front end app development - Blog

Simple Injector has some great documentation and well thought out design principles that push developers into the better practices for doing Dependency Injection. Opinionated and fast. e.g. No out-of-the box support for Property Injection and no XML configuration.

Simple Injector

Has anyone used LightInject or Simple Injector - had any good or bad experience with them? I have been considering AutoFac as my next IoC container to use with WCF, but after seeing the performance comparison ( I think I’ll go with LightInject ( or Simple Injector (

IoC Container Benchmark - Performance comparison -

Just purchased a new Logitech Wireless Mouse and wondered why it wasn’t working… the battery they gave me was flat… #fail