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The experience of taking the project to Swift and then back to Objective-C – what was better in Swift and what improved going back to Objective-C. 

To Swift and back again

Netflix wants to make the discipline of “chaos testing for regression in distributed systems at scale” as well understood as regular regression testing.

Netflix’s Chaos Engineering to Advance Failure Injection

Responsive Images: If you’re just changing resolutions, use srcset. 

Responsive Images: If you’re just changing resolutions, use srcset. | CSS-Tricks

Worse than Heartbleed? The Bash bug could break security for years.

Worse than Heartbleed? Today’s Bash bug could break security for years

The Reactive Manifesto - We believe that a coherent approach to systems architecture is needed, and we believe that all necessary aspects are already recognised individually: we want systems that are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven. We call these Reactive Systems.

Systems built as Reactive Systems are more flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable. This makes them easier to develop and amenable to change. They are significantly more tolerant of failure and when failure does occur they meet it with elegance rather than disaster. Reactive Systems are highly responsive, giving users effective interactive feedback.


In the service layer, we usually see a tangled mix of highly contended, shared mutable state managed by strongly coupled deep request chains. This makes this layer immensely hard to scale and to make resilient. The problem is usually “addressed” by adding more tools and infrastructure; clustering products, data grids, etc. But unfortunately this won’t help much at all unless we address the fundamental underlying problem. 

This is where reactive can help; good solid principles and practices can make all the difference—in particular relying on share nothing designs and asynchronous message passing.


The reactive manifesto

Oracle has announced the first set of features targeted for Java 9. This includes a new API for JSON, which is being developed as JEP 198.

Core Support for JSON in Java 9

Easily fix the WCF memory and connection leaks you don’t even know you have by using the open source ChannelAdam.WCF library.

ChannelAdam WCF Library

BizTalk Documenter 2013 - new version released

BizTalk Documenter 2013 is a different approach for releasing music. It’s like getting to know someone gradually over a meaningful period of time, rather than telling them you love them on the first date. Most importantly, it’s about albums. That is, TuneLeak features albums as they’re being recorded.

TuneLeak | For lovers. Of albums.

The newly leaked track by Ben Craven, from the forthcoming album, “Last Chance To Hear”. Exclusively available from

Ben Craven - Critical Mass Part 2 (TuneLeak)

Questions for Estimating Software-Integration Development Time. 

Questions for Estimating Software-Integration Development Time